Commercial Buildings

Centofanti Design & Construct maintenance and refurbishment including specialist projects. They have undertaken and successfully completed numerous commercial contracts to include schools, government offices, medical centres, shop fit outs and renovations, offices, warehouses, toilet and amenity blocks. Their trades people have in-depth expertise in a wide and varied array of the construction, management, development, architecture and engineering sectors. They apply cutting-edge construction methods and technologies to insure that their clients’ projects, large or small, are built to meet their expectations.

Andrew strongly believes that building an open and transparent relationship with his customers will help to develop a better understanding of their requirements and expectations. They provide the professional service, quality workmanship and value for money that their client base demand.

Centofanti Design - Bobs Barn
Centofanti Design - Commercial Building

New Homes

When you consider that no two people are alike, with exactly the same tastes, and wish lists, its no wonder that it is so difficult to find an existing home that perfectly meets your family’s needs.The only way to truly create that is to build it from scratch. And this is where we come in.

At Centofanti Design & Construct, we understand that building a new home is one of the biggest investments that anyone will make in their lifetime.We take the time to listen to your dreams, hear what you want for your new home, and then help you find a way to create it.We look over your first drawings, your swatches, every photo, every colour. The only limit is your imagination.

Centofanti Design & Construct will help you to create a home that reflects your style and personality around every corner.Our team will be with you every step of the way to explain the next process and answer any questions – your trusted professional partner to oversee one of the most exciting life experiences you will ever have.

Centofanti Design - Residential Building
Centofanti Design - Residential Building

Home Renovations

Renovations can be the answer for many homeowners who still love their neighborhood. They may find that their family has outgrown the home’s living space or it may be looking a bit dated and ready for a facelift to breathe new life and energy.
 Your house is a direct mirror of your personal values, so what do you feel reflects your family’s life style?

– Outdoor connection. There is a huge trend for families to be connected to the outdoors, via larger windows, decks, porches or pools.

– More open floor plans. Many homeowners want kitchens that connect not only to a living room but also to a dining area and the outdoors. They want more light and openness. These rooms are what you call “working rooms” and will handle high traffic over the years. Re designing bathroom and kitchen layouts can save you room and make it friendly and practical, using tried and tested products and materials.

– Better use of space. Rather than expanding their living space, homeowners may sometimes be looking to reconfigure existing space to make it work more efficiently by opening up the home to create an interactive, inclusive family and entertaining lifestyle environment.

– Energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is a big consideration at the time of remodeling a home. Windows, insulation and building fabric are just a few things to consider when redesigning to ensure energy efficiency to reduce the living costs in your home.

– Remodeling apps. Dozens of smartphone and iPad apps, some free, are available to guide homeowners. Utilizing technology with the assistance of your builder can help you visualize your plans, identify and perhaps avoid costly mistakes, and allow you to look at many different options.

Centofanti Design and Construct can offer you design ideas that you may not have even considered possible. Including them into the discussion at an early stage can really save you time, money and many of the headaches sometimes associated with minor and major renovations. Get the home renovation ball rolling – Call Andrew or Alex Centofanti today.

Services Include : *Bathrooms *Kitchens *Decking *Gazebos *Pergola *Verandah *Laundry *Re Roof *Rendering *Rumpus Rooms*Lounge/Dining Rooms and much more

Centofanti Design - Commercial Extension
Centofanti Design - Extension Building

Bathrooms & Kitchens

The kitchen is the new living room. The Australian lifestyle has shown a distinct shift, enticing the whole family to be involved in the preparation of the family’s meals. Food has once again become the centerpiece for gathering the family together. Light, airy, modern kitchens, all which allow interaction, as well as function. Many homeowners want kitchens that connect not only to a living room but also to a dining area and the outdoors. They want more light and openness. These rooms are what you call “working rooms” and will handle high traffic over the years. Re designing bathroom and kitchen layouts can save you room and make it friendly and practical, using tried and tested products and materials.

Bathroom and Kitchen renovations are some of the most popular projects that homeowners undertake. They can be surprisingly affordable and can breathe new life and energy into a home. Not only are you able to indulge a little in one of the most important areas of the home, but it may add significant value to your home as well.

Centofanti Design & Construct  have an excellent reputation for Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations and would be happy to discuss how they can help you to update the two most important rooms in any home.

Centofanti Design - Bathroom Building
Centofanti Design - Residential Building

Riverland Roofing

Centofanti Design & Construct offer a wide range of roofing and re-roofing solutions, including roof repairs, re-roofing and complete new roofing designs and fit outs. From a leaky roof repair, to a complete re-roofing service for your home or commercial premises, we have the experience and the knowledge to offer you flexible solutions. When considering a roof replacement, there may be many factors to weigh up, including energy costs, structural repairs, replacing insulation and many more. Many existing homes may not have adequate drainage, resulting in wood rot, eave and ceiling damage, meaning higher repair costs and maintenance. We can help in overcoming these problems by designing your new roof to work as it is intended, giving you years of trouble free low maintenance roof drainage solutions.

Our reputation is built on quality workmanship, reliable customer service and competitive pricing.

With your roof playing such a large part in the overall appearance of your home, updating a tired old roof can dramatically improve the external appeal, adding substantial value, and when you consider that your roof protects your most valuable asset, finding a reputable builder is vital. Centofanti Design & Construct have teamed up with some of Australia’s leading Roof Suppliers, including Fielders, Revolution Roofing and Stratco , ensuring that it not only looks great, it also offers exceptional value at the right price.

Contact us today on 0417 824 076 or send us an online inquiry to ask about an obligation free quote for your roofing project.

Centofanti Design - Residential Building
Centofanti Design - Residential Building

Project Management

Centofanti Design & Construct qualified team offers a comprehensive Project Management Service, including planning, coordinating, budgeting and evaluating small to large-scale projects, as well as managing the risks and the people involved.

They bring their expertise to a broad range of sectors, including government, designers, commercial, residential, industrial, retail, hospitality,  and are well known for their ability to deliver high-quality projects on time and budget, maintaining a strong commitment to health and safety.

Regardless of a project’s size or difficulty, Centofanti Design & Construct can offer beginning-to-end solutions and tailor them to meet the client’s needs.This flexible approach allows them to forge solid relationships with the other trades, ensuring strong communication and support across the project. Centofanti Design & Construct clients know that they combine extensive experience with local knowledge to deliver high quality, sustainable projects that give them that competitive edge.

Centofanti Design & Construct can offer Project Management services including, but not restricted to the following :

– Guide and manage your energy efficiency, environmental and WHS requirements
– Manage site set up and layout to meet current legislation for WHS
– Co-ordinate and administer demolition plans and procedures including dilapidation reports
– Asbestos testing and removal
– Environmental and rodent reports
– Soil testing and surveys
– Traffic management
– Hazardous substance registers
– Work safe requirements for peace of mind
– Interpret plans and estimate costs and quantities of materials needed
– Plan construction methods and procedures
– Coordinate the supply of labour and materials

– Supervise construction sites and direct site managers and subcontractors
Ensuring standards of building performance, quality, cost schedules and safety are maintained
– Study building contract documents and negotiate with building owners and subcontractors
– Control preparation of cost estimates and the documentation for contract bids
– Control payment to subcontractors by valuation of completed works
– Ensure that building regulations, standards and by-laws are enforced in building operations
– Consult with architects, engineers and other technical workers to ensure that design intentions are met.

Centofanti Design - Structure
Centofanti Design - Residential

Additional Services

Centofanti Design & Construct are well rounded builders experienced in the many different facets of the building industry, with strong contacts and networks with the local trades. Select your own contractors, or let us take care of it all for you. After all, it’s what we do best!

– Drafting Service
– Insurance Jobs Welcome
– Rendering/Texture
– Coating/Solid Plastering
– Carpentry/Joining
– Plaster Board Fixing & Flushing
– Suspended Ceilings
– Insulation
– Pergolas

– Verandahs
– Shed Erections
– Concreting
– Paving
– Fencing
– Plumbing
– Electrical
Heritage Restorations

Centofanti Design - Balcony Repairs
Centofanti Design - Residential Building